A Few Words, On The Radio…

DNP PlumbTrue radio show May 2 2011

Well, this morning was the 1st time that a little Program we are doing was aired on  the radio.  It’s at 8:00am (plus or minus a few minutes) on KCIS 630 AM, Monday mornings.  We avertise a lot on the local Seattle Christian radio stations 630 AM & 105.3 FM, & somehow our Advertising Agency (Jackie Fisher Marketing) got together with them & we are giving a this show a try.

It’s called ‘PlumbTrue’, like this Blog… & like this Blog it’s simply about life & plumbing & being in the Market Place as Christians.  Please give it a listen!

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One Response to A Few Words, On The Radio…

  1. Beverly says:

    Dear Bruce,

    I had no idea that “you are” Day & Night Plumbing and Heating:) Jon and I listen almost exclusively to KCIS and wake up to each and every morning so have heard your adds as well as a couple of the Plumb True notes…Praise God!

    God’s family is such a blessing & I ask Him to continue to bless your work for Him.

    Beverly Hatfield

    Josh Hatfield’s mom:)

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