One Day At A Time….Today

My wife Judy & I have owned a Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Company in Lynnwood WA for the last 25+ years.   My son, Bruce Jr. has been our General Manager for the last 3 years & he’s been doing a fantastic job.  Since he was little, he’s been working at the Company, pulling weeds, cleaning, doing year-end inventory counting during his Christmas Vacation; in fact he’s never worked anywhere else.

A couple of days ago Judy & I were having a business lunch with him, and as he was going over some issues he needed to review with us, I was struck with how incredibly fortunate & blessed we are as a Family to be able to enjoy each other & work together all this time. And how we are so blessed that his brother & sister & their Families are all close & healthy & we get to gather often & enjoy each other in many ways.

With one part of my mind I was trying to pay attention to his issues, but mostly I was casting my mind back over the years, thinking about all the hard work, all the long, long days & nites & Holidays spent working & building together,untieing the ‘knots’ of problems that so plague a small business… and I realized that all of it had come quite literally, one day at a time; day by day by week by month, quarter, year after year; daily. 

At times, things were very, very tough, scary & challenging; both personally & professionally.  At the depths of one of the darkest times, I wrote this poem, & it has stayed with me & encouraged me ever since…


Today, I will hope in God

To Help , to Heal, to hold my hand.

Today, I believe.

I will not receive,

The Enemy’s lies or his plans.

Today, I choose Jesus

As Master & Lord,

Through the strength of His Spirit

I Stand.

Today, I’m completed

By Faith firmly seated,

In the Palm of my Father’s right Hand.


Amen; Bruce Sr.

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5 Responses to One Day At A Time….Today

  1. Lyle King says:

    I love this poem. It’s encouraged me since the first time I heard it…and I always hear music when I read the lyrics…

  2. plumbtrue says:

    HI Lyle… thanks!!! What music???

  3. plumbtrue says:

    I”ve always thought it would make a good simple song… Would U be willing to do that?

  4. Lyle King says:

    Yes, Bruce
    I would be willing to work on that. I couldn’t do it at the moment. I’m consumed with a book writing project and trying to make a deadline…
    End of May, first of June…?

    While I’m on the subject, would appreciate prayer. I need God’s grace to finish this project. I would consider myself an unlikely author.

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